This report examines the implementation of the Securing Opportunities for Academic Recovery (SOAR) program that operated during the summer of 2020 at 31 schools. The program was designed to mitigate academic deficits that resulted from the shutdown of schools due to the Coronavirus pandemic. SOAR was implemented in two phases: Recovery and Regain. The Recovery Phase (Summer Term A, June 9 through July 10, 2020) targeted students who needed to "recover" content they may have missed, to close achievement gaps of skills that are foundational for future academic success, or to provide support for English language learners and Special Education students. Recovery was comprised of four initiatives: (1) Summer Reading Camps; (2) Credit Recovery; (3) Unengaged Learners; and (4) Extended School Year Services. The Regain Phase (Summer Term B, July 11 through August 10, 2020) targeted grade 9 Algebra students and grade 10 English Language Arts students who did not get the opportunity to take the state assessments required for graduation. Across all the components that operated in the elementary and secondary schools, fewer than 60% of students completed their studies. Among those who completed their studies, attendance was significantly better at the Summer Reading Camps but worse at Credit Recovery than was seen during Summer 2019.