Ding, Ai-Chu Elisha and DuBois, Jessica and Shaver, Erik J. and Bradley-Levine, Jill and Siebert, Cathy J. and Giraldo-Garcia, Regina

APA Citation

Ding, A. C. E., DuBois, J., Shaver, E. J., Bradley-Levine, J., Siebert, C. J., & Giraldo-Garcia, R. (2022). Supporting and Recovering Science Learning Loss with a Game-Based Learning Approach Leveraging a School-University Partnership. PDS Partners: Bridging Research to Practice, 17(2), 117-136.

Target Population

This study describes the process of forming a school-university partnership to support the professional growth of our pre-service teachers and the in-service teachers at one partner school district and improving middle school students' science learning amid the pandemic.