Research on Education Strategies to
Advance Recovery and Turnaround

Out of School Time & Tutoring

In education, nearly all the action in policy and program design happens at the state and local levels. And, compared to local-level studies, state-level studies are attractive because they offer large samples of students, teachers, and schools and opportunities to look at a policy or program across different types of students and schools. However, many “statewide” policies are actually implemented by the school district, and school districts make adjustments for their own context.

This guidance series provides an overview of the current state of research and practices on afterschool and summer learning programs.
This journal article synthesizes 33 articles on the implementation of tutoring, defined as one-to-one or small-group instruction in which a human tutor supports students grades K-12 in an academic subject, to better understand the facilitators and barriers to program success.
This report offers insights into how state summer learning efforts were launched as a response to the pandemic.
This opinion article highlights the need for expanding tutoring within the context of larger systems and practices.
This brief shares results from interviews with 68 central office and program leaders to learn about COVID-19 recovery interventions.
This article examines the impact of COVID-19 on nine parenting current and former foster youth through photography.
This article explores how a New Jersey school district had success with high-dosage tutoring to help students recoup academic losses from the pandemic years.
This article presents results from a meta-analysis of 37 contemporary experimental and quasi-experimental studies of summer programs in mathematics for children in grades pre-K–12, examining what resources and characteristics predict stronger student achievement.
This report details findings from the Summer Enrichment Initiative launched by the Connecticut State Department of Education to provide students opportunities for socialization and fun as the state eased it's COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.