RESTART Network Forum 2024: Bringing Research and Practice Together

Katharyn Peterman
5 min read
Photo collage from Forum

In April 2024, the RESTART Network hosted the Actionable Insights from Research and Practice to Support Pandemic Recovery forum This two-day forum brought together researchers, policymakers, education leaders and practitioners to discuss accelerating student learning, fostering student connectedness and social emotional learning, and emerging research related to pandemic recovery. Forum attendees represented over 20 different states, each bringing their unique viewpoint to the forum discussions.


Graphic shows that 23 percent of attendees were network members, 20 percent were LEA/SEA practitioners, 22 percent were association leaders, 3 percent were researchers not affiliated with the network, 10 percent were government leaders, and 22 percent were event organizers

Attendees engaged with panels of researchers, district and school leaders, community organization leaders, and students. Recordings of the Student Connectedness and Wellbeing, Community Member Perspectives, and Supporting Adult Wellbeing for a Thriving Workforce panels are available on the Forum event page.   

See recordings of the sessions on the event archive page >>   

To support deeper engagement with the topics, forum attendees also participated in facilitated breakout sessions with a focus on learning recovery topics relevant to their role and area of expertise. Breakout sessions provided attendees with opportunities to engage with role-alike and role-similar colleagues and discuss strategies and effective practices they have used in their contexts. 

We are grateful to all the RESTART Network 2024 Forum attendees and panelists for sharing their time and expertise as we work together to accelerate learning recovery! In addition, we would like to recognize the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) for funding the RESTART Network and related activities.