Research on Education Strategies to
Advance Recovery and Turnaround

Teaching & Learning
This report demonstrate how districts in California approached a range of educational challenges in ways that recognized and explicitly addressed disparities in opportunities and outcomes, even in the midst of a debilitating pandemic.
This report shares findings from interviews about how schools supported students with disabilities during the 2020 school year.
This journal article examines the perceptions of educators in providing virtual curriculum in PA, PE, and nutrition education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
This journal article describes the design, development, and deployment of the Coping with COVID-19 program to address the mental health needs of students in the context of the pandemic
This report summarizes key findings from the third American School District Panel Survey.
This report shares the variations in district remote learning plans across the four states included in the study.
This book presents social science research that explores how schools navigated the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic from March 2020 through the 2020-21 school year.
This report explores potential gender differences in remote learning during COVID-19.
The School Pulse Panel (SPP) is a monthly data collection of vital information in public education. Beginning in the 2023–24 school year, SPP is expanding to collect data on a range of topics that have relevance for federal policymakers, stakeholders within the U.S. Department of Education, public school leaders across the country, and the general public.
This journal article investigates the effect of a school-based integrated student support intervention – City Connects – on the achievement and behavior of middle school students who experience school mobility.