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Recovery Needs and Activities - Scan and Synthesis
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Scan and Synthesis of Policy and Practice on Recovery Needs and Activities

About the Research Study

The RESTART Network Scan and Synthesis will support the Network by conducting systematic scans of SEA and LEA, educational research organizations, and education-focused professional organizations. Additionally, the scan will leverage existing data sources, including national data compilations and results of specific information from SEA and LEA on actions taken, policies adopted, and practices to address the needs of students of interest and to gather information and data related to COVID-19.

The scan will focus on two subtasks: an ongoing scan of recovery needs and activities, and a synthesis of recovery needs and activities.

  • Ongoing Scan of Recovery Needs and Activities: The aim of the scan is to produce a robust inventory of recovery needs of Black and Latinx students and students experiencing poverty and students receiving English learner and special education supports (students of interest). The scan will also consist of state and district activities to meet these needs. This inventory will be representative of a variety of stakeholders, including state education administrators, superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, and students.
  • Synthesis of Recovery Needs and Activities: To ensure a systematic, broad scan of primary and secondary information, the synthesis will utilize a protocol with domains informed by the WWC’s Study Review Protocol (version 1.0; WWC, 2021). Findings will be coded from scans according to the protocol created for the synthesis. A registry of ongoing research on recovery efforts to track when findings will also be developed and released in order to be translated into practical, actionable language for state and local educators.
    • Review the protocol here

The team will share their findings through a variety of strategies tailored to different audiences.




Registry of Pandemic Recovery Evaluations in Education


The Scan and Synthesis team is gathering studies and evaluations on pandemic recovery in a registry to support policymakers, leaders and practitioners as they embark on acceleration and recovery of pandemic-induced learning loss among PK-12 students.

We are seeking information on planned, in-process and completed evaluations and studies that focus on pandemic recovery efforts across state and local PK-12 public education system:

  • Using any type of evaluation design (including studies using any methodology or level of rigor)
  • At any stage of completeness (planned, ongoing, completed, published, and unpublished)
  • Regardless of funding source (i.e., state, federal, philanthropic)
  • Conducted by any evaluators (internal or third-party)
  • Regardless of dissemination plans
About the Research Team

American Institutes for Research brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in systematic evidence reviews and qualitative research to conduct this study.

Research Team Members
Lyzz Davis
Elisabeth Davis
Scan and Synthesis Lead
American Institutes for Research
Melissa Rodgers
Melissa Rodgers
American Institutes for Research
Rebecca Steingut
Rebecca Steingut
American Institutes for Research