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New England Profiles of Innovation | Great Oaks Charter School Bridgeport

From the report: "“It’s like our own little world, Great Oaks’s universe.” These are the words of a Great Oaks Bridgeport fellow, one of the 37 recent college graduates who provides tutoring to students at Great Oaks Bridgeport (GO-BPT) school in Connecticut. GO-BPT has a fellowship program designed to provide high-dosage tutoring and individualized, small-group instruction. The Great Oaks Fellowship, supported through an AmeriCorps partnership, facilitates relationship building that emphasizes the value of community and promotes collaboration between students, families, fellows, teachers, and administrators. The school’s director of intervention and curriculum described her experience with the “Great Oaks universe” as family-like: “I would say the thing that makes us different and why I like where I work is we have a community that becomes a small family.” This fellowship also provided critical support to students and families during the pandemic-prompted shift to remote learning. As schools across the country continue to search for innovative practices to address pandemic related learning loss and combat social isolation, experts are pointing to high dosage tutoring as a strategy worthy of consideration. GO-BPT offers an example of a high-dosage tutoring model that has been refined and adapted to meet local needs."

Center on Reinventing Public Education
Shibre, E., & Woodworth, K.
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December 2021