What’s Ahead for Education Recovery in California?

From the blog: "COVID-19 caused major setbacks in student learning, made clear in recent test scores from the National Educational Progress Assessment (NAEP) Long-Term Trend conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics. Across the country, scores for nine-year-old students dropped 7 points in math and 5 points in reading. But even before the pandemic, there were worrisome levels in proficiency—especially among historically underserved students—and gaps widened over the last two years. In some cases, students had nearly a school year worth of disrupted learning: average math scores fell 13 points among Black students, 8 points among Latino students, and 8 points among low-income students."

Public Policy Institute of California
Niu Gao, Julian Betts, Bruce Fuller, Laura Hill, Julian Lafortune
Date Display
October 2022