New State Strategic Plans Zero In on Learning Recovery

From the brief: "Most state boards of education create or collaborate on strategic plans to crystallize a vision, goals, and strategies for public education. These plans often include long-run goals around postsecondary readiness, high-quality educators, and student academic achievement. Many of the newest plans, however, diverge from preceding ones by addressing learning recovery and related issues that have come to the fore since the pandemic. We looked at the strategies, goals, and objectives of 49 plans, inclusive of plans in the District of Columbia and Guam. Seventeen of these have been revised since the beginning of 2023 or are being revised now.1 We also reviewed the vision and mission statements that anchor these plans, which are broadly similar. Most state visions for K-12 education reference a desire for all students to have opportunities to receive an excellent education, one in which they are prepared for careers and work, college, citizenship, and for fulfilling lives."



National Association of State Boards of Education
Hedger, J. & Norville, V.
Date Display
June 2024