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Post-Pandemic Onset Public School Student Test-based Performance in Virginia

From the brief: "COVID-19 significantly impacted the educational and home environments for students throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia in ways that may have impacted student learning, as measured by standardized exams. We analyze statewide, studentlevel administrative and assessment data on the Standards of Learning (SOL) reading and math tests for the 2011-12 through 2020-21 school years among students enrolled in grades 3 through 8. We examine the change in the number of tests taken, the test-taking rate among enrolled students, and student performance on the tests, in the first postpandemic onset year in which students were tested (2020-21) relative to last full pre-pandemic year (2018-19)."

University of Virginia - EdPolicyWorks
Miller, L., & Schueler, B.
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September 2022