Journal Article

The January 2024 Issue of the State Education Standard from the National Association of State Boards of Education features articles about curriculum and education materials.
This journal article shares the steps taken by a school to advocate for and implement a model that allows special education services to access the behavior-analytic educational supports they had received on campus (e.g., Board Certified Behavior Analyst and paraprofessional support) in a novel and remote manner.
This study identified how a school can build relationships and foster resiliency, as demonstrated through academic improvement and connection to the school community, for students who experienced disrupted learning caused by the pandemic.
This study explores the progress made by Connecticut principals and school counselors in implementing the Connecticut Comprehensive School Counseling Framework.
This study examined principals’ reports of changes in non-instructional investments from SY 2019–2020 to SY 2020–2021 using data from a national sample of U.S. pre-kindergarten through 12th grade schools.
This study reports on a practitioner-focused case study of a high school counseling department integrating multitiered systems of support (MTSS) into their comprehensive school counseling program during the 2020–2021 school year, in response to both a global pandemic and the racial justice movement.
This study analyzed the impact of the multi-tiered system of supports in supporting students' reading and math performance during the pandemic.
This study examines the academic, social, and emotional effects of COVID19 on 11th and 12th grade students.
This journal article highlights success and lessons learned during the early pandemic about educating students with disabilities.
This journal article examines the perceptions of educators in providing virtual curriculum in PA, PE, and nutrition education during the COVID-19 pandemic.