Research on Education Strategies to
Advance Recovery and Turnaround

Educator Supports
This brief highlights the top trends across the early childhood, K-12, and post secondary education continuum in Governors' 2023 state addresses.

In May 2023, the RESTART Network hosted a two-day in-person forum to discuss accelerating student learning, fostering student connectedness and social and emotional learning, and emerging research related to pandemic recovery. The forum brought together researchers, policymakers, leaders, and practitioners from across the country to share their knowledge, perspectives, and experiences. 

This brief discusses which assessments and tools are effective to analyze mental, social, and emotional health for learning environments during the pandemic.
In this brief examines the interactions of school districts and charter management organizations towards English learners during the pandemic.
This brief discusses the various approaches of distance learning and the experiences of district leaders during the pandemic.
This brief discusses how district leaders managed instructional modes and times during the pandemic.
This brief discusses how school faculty responded to the needs of students during COVID-19.
In this report researchers discusses ways to deepen social and emotional learning through student-teacher relationships.
This news report emphasizes the pandemic impact on teacher shortages and school openings. Policymakers are searching for ways to grow the teacher workforce with policy solutions.
In this brief, researchers discuss ways to improve unfinished learning methods through tutoring and expanded learning time during the pandemic.