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“We will need to build up the atmosphere of trust again”: Service providers’ perceptions of experiences of COVID-19 amongst resettled refugee adolescents

From the article: "The objective of this study was to describe the perspective of educators and other school-affiliated service providers on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and wellbeing of adolescent resettled refugees and access to and quality of education and support services for adolescent resettled refugees. The researchers collected data using in-depth interviews with key informants in Chicago, Illinois; Harrisonburg, Virginia; and Detroit Metropolitan Area [DMA], Michigan, Key informants were school administrators, managers of English language learning services and programs, teachers, therapists, staff of non-governmental organizations and/ or community-based organizations, and case workers. Data analysis was conducted utilizing directed content analysis to develop an initial codebook and identify key themes in the data. Findings revealed a number of pathways through which the pandemic impacted adolescent refugees and immigrants’ mental health and wellbeing, with online programming impacting students’ engagement, motivation and social isolation in terms of peer and provider relationships."

Meyer, S., Seff, I., Gillespie, A., Brumbaum, H., Qushua, N., & Stark, L.
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March 2023