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Realizing the Promise of High Dosage Tutoring at Scale: Preliminary Evidence for the Field

From the report: "This technical report outlines preliminary results from the Personalized Learning Initiative showing that high dosage tutoring can be scaled and can work – even when delivered in the aftermath of the pandemic and in diverse academic settings. 

Students who participated in tutoring during the school day saw large and positive gains on end-of-year test scores, at least in math; the results for reading are not yet conclusive. The impact on math scores is equivalent to about two-thirds of a year of learning, which would be enough to totally undo the effects of the pandemic for the average student. The impact on reading scores are inconclusive so far, but data collection is ongoing. These results provide hints that high dosage tutoring delivered in school can be scaled successfully."

Education Lab
Bhatt, M., Chau, T., Guryan, J., Ludwig, J., Magnaricotte, M., Momeni, F., Oreopoulos, P., Stoddard, G.
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March 2024