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State Actions and Opportunities to Sustain High-Impact Investments in Education

From the tool: "States and school districts received $190 billion in pandemic relief funding for K-12 education through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund. While a large portion of ESSER funding was quickly expended on emergency activities, students will likely need sustained support beyond the spending deadline to fully address academic and wellbeing needs. Additionally, emerging evidence shows that these investments are having an impact and could benefit students in the future, even outside of an emergency environment. The end of federal pandemic relief funding puts increased pressure on state and district finances. At the same time, it also presents an opportunity to evaluate what is currently funded and take action to use limited resources impactfully and sustainably. State education agencies can play – and are playing – important roles in planning for the end of ESSER and support sustainability of local investments."

Council of Chief State School Officers
Council of Chief State School Officers
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February 2024