Virtual Tutoring Use and Student Achievement Growth

From the report: "Like many other districts throughout the United States, Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) has sought ways to accelerate student achievement growth in the wake of the learning disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, subsequent school closures, and the unplanned shift to remote learning. While intensive high-dosage in-person tutoring has the potential to significantly boost student achievement, CCPS and other districts faced significant challenges to staffing regular classrooms, and finding and training in-person tutors was not a viable option.1 Consequently, CCPS contracted with to provide one-on-one, on-demand virtual tutoring sessions during school year (SY) 2021–22. CCPS wanted to understand patterns in usage and any impacts of this opportunity for students. In this report, we present evidence on usage of the platform and the relationship between usage and student achievement growth using formative assessment scores for SY 2021–22."

Metro Atlanta Policy Lab for Education
Sass, T., & Ali, S. M.
Date Display
June 2023