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Student Achievement Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

From the report: "The COVID-19 pandemic has led to substantial reductions in student achievement growth, and these impacts have grown over time. The impacts of the pandemic on student achievement growth vary considerably by subject, grade level, and school district. Students eligible for free or reduced-price meals—a crude measure of poverty— generally experienced lower achievement growth (relative to similar students prior to the pandemic) than did students who were not eligible for subsidized meals, but the magnitude of the differences varied considerably across grades, subjects, and districts. On average, historically marginalized groups, such as Black students, Hispanic students, and English learners, tended to experience greater reductions in achievement growth (relative to similar students prior to the pandemic) than did White and English-proficient students, but these differences varied substantially by grade, subject, and district. Students who returned to in-person instruction in fall 2020 experienced greater achievement growth per instructional day than did students who continued to learn remotely, but their growth was still less than that of in-person learners prior to the pandemic." 

Metro Atlanta Policy Lab for Education
Sass, T., & Goldring, T.
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May 2021