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The voices of Chinese American parents during COVID-19: Recommendations for addressing anti-Asian racism and supporting adolescents in school

From the journal article: "The COVID-19 pandemic led to a rise in anti-Asian sentiment, discrimination, and hate crimes, which have consequences for Asian American students and their families. As school districts prepared to reopen in Fall 2021, discussions and plans largely emphasized preventing infection and disruptions to learning. Asian American families’ discrimination experiences and their recommendations for schools to address possible COVID-19-related racial bullying and discrimination have been overlooked. The present study is based on semistructured interviews conducted between April and June 2020 with 47 Chinese American parents with adolescents ages 12–17 years. Thematic and content analyses revealed significant parental concerns about adolescents’ experiences with bullying and discrimination as well as a widespread fear for family safety. Parents’ school recommendations reflected their desire for school administrators and staff to take a firm stance against COVID-19-related anti-Asian discrimination while treading carefully on race topics for fear of singling out Asian American students. This study emphasizes contextual factors that influence adolescents’ experiences of racial discrimination during the early stages of the pandemic and advocates for a more holistic approach to addressing students’ learning and psychological well-being that elevates the voices of impacted families."

Asian American Journal of Psychology
Liu, J. L., Cheong, Y., Wang, C., Cheah, C. S. L., Ma, R., & Zhang, X.
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