Research on Education Strategies to
Advance Recovery and Turnaround



COVID-19 and Educational Inequities: The Long View

From the brief: "To explore this proposition for “the long view,” while at the same time acknowledging and respecting the immediate needs of educators and children and their families to recover from the disruption of the pandemics, the National Academy of Education (NAEd) convened a public forum with expert panelists. Building off prior work addressing COVID-19 and inequities in the specific areas of mathematics, reading, and social-emotional learning, the NAEd engaged with three scholars and a distinguished policy expert, whose work has centered on understanding – and reducing – fundamental barriers in fulfilling the American vision of equitable education: Deborah Loewenberg Ball (University of Michigan), Gloria Ladson-Billings (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Louis Gomez (University of California, Los Angeles), and former Governor of West Virginia Bob Wise (Global Science of Learning Education Network). In a discussion moderated by Michael Feuer (The George Washington University), the panelists were asked to address a framing question: What strategies do you believe are best bets to advance us in the direction of a meaningful reset to our nation’s educational system?"

National Academy of Education
National Academy of Education
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November 2020