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Should schools “return to normal”? Mixed outcomes resulting from COVID-19 in schools

From the journal article: "The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered practices in the K-12 education system. Though several studies have documented impacts on students and staff, limited research has explored educators' experiences with these changes. This study addresses this gap using interview data to examine elementary school educators' perspectives. Results suggest that the pandemic facilitated a variety of adaptations in schools that led to outcomes that were primarily negative (student social development and educator stress), mixed (student well-being and academic achievement; educator support, time demands, and well-being), or positive (student resilience and flexibility; educator resilience, sense of community, autonomy, and flexibility). This study describes ways in which pandemic-related changes in schools produced a mix of unfavorable and favorable conditions. An important implication is that rather than aiming for a complete “return to normal,” schools should identify what may have worked better during the pandemic, such as increased social-emotional learning and individualized instruction, and explore ways in which such changes could be maintained going forward."

Psychology in the Schools
Tomkunas, A., Welliver, M., Wink, M., & LaRusso, M.
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July 2023