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Summer learning loss: review of research and implications for remediation of post-pandemic learning loss

From the journal article: "The purpose of this article is to review recent literature on summer learning loss (SLL) and consider the implications for post-pandemic learning loss. Fifteen articles, published between 2010 and 2022, were reviewed and selected according to a systematic protocol from two widely used online databases. The analysis shows that SLL has been widely documented and three main areas of research have emerged, focusing on: reading; mathematics; and students from low-SES homes. Based on an analysis of the 15 studies, we conclude that summer learning loss is an important phenomenon that warrants further investigation. Despite its well-documented negative effects, there is still a lack of agreement among researchers regarding which populations are most vulnerable. There are also limited large-scale studies located in Europe, as most articles currently come from the United States. Future research should include comparative analyses of effects in different countries, especially on students with special needs, and those from low SES backgrounds."

Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth
Gierczyk, M., & Hornby, G.
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April 2023