ESSER Funding Cliff Toolkit: Data-Driven Financial Decision Making for Post-ESSER Spending

From the toolkit: "The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent federal ESSER funding was a historic moment in education.  As one of the largest influxes of funding into the K-12 educational system, districts and schools had opportunities to fund initiatives and programs not possible before.  In the early stages of ESSER, funding was provided rapidly and educational leaders were faced with developing plans to send millions of dollars.  Now, as ESSER funding ends in September 2024, educational leaders are challenged with tough decisions to determine what programs worked and deciding what to continue funding in the 2024-2025 school year.  This toolkit is designed with these factors in mind and to support PSU leaders with making those difficult decisions."

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
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January 2024