Research on Education Strategies to
Advance Recovery and Turnaround



Summer 2021 School Extension Programs - Elementary and Middle School Impacts Brief

From the brief: "The COVID-19 pandemic had widespread, detrimental effects on K-12 students' learning, socio-emotional development, and engagement with schools. In particular, studies have shown that that pandemic adversely impacted students' test scores and ocourse grades and led to higher rates of absenteeism and grade retention. These negative impacts were especially large in 2020-21 and for students from historically marginalized groups. In response, states and school districts have created a range of additional learning opportunities to promote students' academic recovery and re-engagement with school. 

This brief focuses on on prominent example of these recovery initiatives - North Carolina's summer school extension program. In spring 2021, the North Carolina General Assembly mandated that each school district operate a school extension program in Summer 2021."

Education Policy Initiative at Carolina
Bastian, K. C., & Fuller, S. C.
Date Display
February 2024