Student Achievement Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Spring 2022 Update

From the report: "Our initial report, issued in May 2021, compared actual student performance in the fall and winter of SY 2020–21 to projected student performance using data from the fall and winter prior to public school closures in March 2020 (SY 2019–20). In our second report, released in May 2022, we extended the analysis to track student progress through SY 2020–21 and up to the beginning of SY 2021–22.2 This current analysis extends our prior work to determine student progress during the first year of universal in-person instruction (SY 2021–22) and the net impact of the pandemic on student learning through the end of SY 2021–22."

Metro Atlanta Recovery and Acceleration
Sass, T., & Ali, S. M.
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November 2022