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Using ESSER Funding To Re-Engage Students
Summer Programs 2020: Securing Opportunities for Academic Recovery (SOAR), an Analysis of Participation and Usage. Evaluation Matters. Volume 9, Number 3
Author: NA
Support Every Student: Lessons from Five Charter Schools on Effective Special Education during the Pandemic
Author: McKittrick, Lanya and Tuchman, Sivan
Year: 2020
Supporting and Recovering Science Learning Loss with a Game-Based Learning Approach Leveraging a School-University Partnership
Author: Ding, Ai-Chu Elisha and DuBois, Jessica and Shaver, Erik J. and Bradley-Levine, Jill and Siebert, Cathy J. and Giraldo-Garcia, Regina
Year: 2022
Think Forward New England: Profiles of Innovation. Great Oaks Charter School Bridgeport
Author: Shibre, Emnet and Woodworth, Katrina
Year: 2021