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Coming Back Stronger: Resilience and Opportunity. 2021-2022 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Report
Author: Hopkins, Robin L.
Year: 2022
Assisting returning students through intentional support following the pandemic
Author: Berner-Wallen, Katy J.
Year: 2022
An Examination of the Impact of Distance Learning on Course Failures and GPAs of Sophomore Students in a Suburban High School
Author: Doohen, Tisha
Year: 2021
Advocacy, collaboration, and intervention: A model of distance special education support services amid COVID-19
Author: Frederick, Janice K. and Raabe, Ginger R. and Rogers, Valerie R. and Pizzica, Jessica
Year: 2020
Online Tutoring by College Volunteers: Experimental Evidence from a Pilot Program
Author: Kraft, M. A., List, J. A., Livingston, J. A., & Sadoff, S. (2022).
Year: 2022