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Teaching Innovation: New School Staffing Strategies Inspired by the Pandemic
Author: Olson, L. (2021).
Instructional Planning Modifications to Meet Social Distancing Requirements: Secondary and Post-Secondary Options
Author: Kilty, T. J., Burrows, A. C., Christoffersen, D., Kilty, K. T., Welsh, K. M., McBride, S., Rainey, C. (2021).
Year: 2021
Reflecting Back and Looking Forward: Educational Equity in the Era of COVID-19
Author: Choi, L., Handjojo, C., Knudson, J., & O. Day, J. (2021).
Year: 2021
Closing the Learning Gap: How Frontline Educators Want to Address Lost Learning Due to COVID-19
Author: Horace Mann Educators Corporation. (2021).
Using a Design Thinking Approach for an Asynchronous Learning Platform during COVID-19
Author: Severino, L., Petrovich, M., Mercanti-Anthony, S., & Fischer, S. (2021).
Year: 2021