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Preparation, Expectations, and External School Contexts: Navigating the COVID-19 School Closures
Author: Fancera, S. F., & Saperstein, E. (2021).
Year: 2021
#HealthyKidsQuarantined: Supporting Schools and Families with Virtual Physical Activity, Physical Education, and Nutrition Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Author: Whalen, L., Barcelona, J., Centeio, E., & McCaughtry, N. (2021).
Year: 2021
Access to Multicultural Children's Literature During COVID-19
Author: Bennett, S. V., Gunn, A. A., & Peterson, B. J. (2021).
Year: 2021
Promising Practices Drive Progress: Closing Learning Gaps for Students with Disabilities
Author: Heyward, G., & Gill, S. (2021).
Year: 2021
High School Sports During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Effect of Sport Participation on the Health of Adolescents
Author: McGuine, T. A., M. Biese, K., Hetzel, S. J., Schwarz, A., Kliethermes, S., Reardon, C. L., . . . Watson, A. M. (2022).
Year: 2022