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Support Every Student: Lessons from Five Charter Schools on Effective Special Education During the Pandemic
Author: McKittrick, L., & Tuchman, S. (2020).
Year: 2020
How California's Charter Schools Supported Students' Social and Emotional Needs: The Transition to Distance Learning Amid COVID-19, Portrait of the Movement, 3rd Installment
Author: Kress, J. (2020).
Year: 2020
Overcoming the Digital Divide: Distance-Learning Successes During the Pandemic
Author: Curriculum Associates. (2020, September).
COVID-19 Crisis Response in Pajaro Valley Started with Listening to Families
Author: Kaura , P., & Melnicoe, H. (2020).
Year: 2020
COVID-19 and the Classroom: How Schools Navigated the Great Disruption
Author: Marshall, D. T. (Ed.). (2022).
Year: 2022